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Druzy geode earrings - white agate

Druzy geode earrings - white agate

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Druzy geode earrings - white agate

These druzy geode earrings are inspired by the beauty of Icelandic winter nature and the Earth geology.

Direct witnesses of geological history and coming from the bowels of the constantly boiling earth, these geodes, born as hollow bubbles inside other volcanic or sedimentary rocks, are the result of what our planet can produce as wonders from a seemingly chaotic but well-organized, mess!

These druzy geode earrings are the result of a well-orchestrated chemical reaction that generates the formation of minerals, which over time become crystals. They only form inside geodes when the perfect combination of temperature, pressure changes, and evaporation exists. The outer shell of a geode is very hard, and when water infiltrates it, minerals are deposited inside the hollow rock. Typically, these minerals become agate and quartz and form in layers very slowly over thousands of years.

My druzy geode earrings are intended to remind you the Icelandic winter landscapes, as it is directly inspired from it.

Each piece is handcrafted in my nature surrounded studio, in front of the Pyrenees, south of France. Using my favorite metals, brass and steel. The stones are set with brass wire, soldered to a steel back. This pair of druzy geode earrings is crafted and finished to bring you a wearable little piece of art, reminding you your Icelandic roams in the middle of this raw and mineral nature, and bringing you the feeling to carry with you a part of Iceland.


This piece is made of recycled brass, with a steel back and niobium ear hooks. The druzy geode earrings featuring a little white agates geodes cut in two.

Size :
length: 4 cm
width: 2 cm
weight for one earring : 5,7 grams

Jewelry care 

Great care is taken during my work, to provide you with a high quality and sustainable work. I know you want to protect and take care of your little piece of art, so let me share some of my advice: 

  •  please remember to take of your jewel during sport sessions, and while swimming or bathing.
  • I recommend putting your face cream or perfume, at least 15 to 20 minutes before wearing your jewel.
  • Even if you love them, avoid sleeping with your jewels ;)


The druzy geode earrings are available immediately and will be shipped to you  within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. It will be shipped via French Post Collissimo or International Collissimo, depending on your location. Your jewel will arrive within 2-5 business days from the date it is shipped if your in France for example.
If it is an international order, it may take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, depending your location. Please understand I'm not responsible for the possible post delays, customs fees and import taxes that you may have, according to the laws & regulations of your country.


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